About Us

OLKO LTD is a company for production, trade and services trade, which was founded in 2007. as a result of long-term business relationship founders and partners in China .

Our business field is import and export trade with the People’s Republic of China, wholesale, retail and cooperative production.

OLKO LTD imported and sold through wholesale and retail production lines and machinery from China.

OLKO LTD has permanent representatives in China, which enables the import export business done quickly, reliably and with low costs.

The 2013th we define the long-term partnership with the Chinese Company “BECARVE” and become their exclusive representative for the former Yugoslavia , as well as Hungary , Romania, Bulgaria and Albania.

In addition, we are representative of a Chinese manufacturer of corrugated cardboard processing equipment at Balkan Peninsula market.

Also, we are distributer of Solar barbecue made by word famous “HIMIN” Company. HIMIN is world leading solar equipments producer.  Solar barbecue is modern products that qualify for the domestic market is yet to come.